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offers a complete range of cost effective data entry services individually tailored to fulfill quality and turnaround time for our clients. We provide services to Multinational Corporations, webinars, Product launching, Events, professional or a private individual

Image Data Entry

Invoice Data Entry

CRM Data Entry

Data Mining

E-book Data Entry

Documnet Management

Photo Search Services

Data Exraction Services


SmarQuoise is a national construction civil company. Premium retail, residential, commercial and industrial development company listed on the India Securities Exchange. We have helped create, delivered by a skilled workforce, best-practice safety, and management systems, and our common sense approach to achieving excellent project outcomes


We provide subtitles in almost all leading Languages. We specialize in Arabic,Marathi.Bengali,Kannada, Tamil,Telugu Hindi and English translation, transcription and subtitling. Transcription (trans is to cross and scripting is to write) refers to longform writing using spoken content. It requires recording (audio or video) the person/ participants in the conversation and later converting the audio to written words (verbatim). A written transcript serves as reference material for further content repurposing


GSP stands for GST Suvidha Provider. A GSP is a service provider who helps the taxpayer to comply with the provisions of the GST law through its web platform. Register yourself with us to Setup your GST Suvidha Kendra with affiliation from us and become a GST Suvidha Provider in your own city.


With the rapid boom in industrial development, the demand for manpower has tremendously increased. Alankit Limited is also engaged in offering customized solutions for all types of manpower services. We are offering wide range of qualified human resources across the industries for all types of projects. The company has distinguished itself as a quality manpower solution provider at cost effective prices through a well managed management set up. We keep the specific requisites of the clients in mind & provide the services accordingly.

BPO Services

Inbound Call Support,

Answering Service,

Tecnical Support,

Cusomer Service,

Inbound Sale,

Order Taking,

Outbound Support,

Chat and Email Support,

Appoinment Setting,

Telemarketing Services,

Lead Generation,

HR Services,

Market Research & Surveys,

L0 / L1 / L2 Technical Support,

Technical Support – Email / Chat based,



SmarQuoise is a globally recognized leading solar energy solutions provider, specializing in high efficiency PV module manufacturing and comprehensive EPC solutions. With an international presence across 5 continents, we are an active contributor in shaping the solar revolution.


We can set up and maintain your business’s, network, or help troubleshoot and maintain your existing network.We are available to consult with your or your staff when problems arise with your software. This service can be either remote or on-site assistance. We do ,Website Design , Digital Marketing , Mobile app and IT Security.

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